Sunday, August 21, 2011

Direction Sense

A guy Fernando has never seen before enters the Dominion one afternoon. He browses about the store for a bit, then approached the counter. “Yeah, how far along until I get to Inuitland?”

It's about a half-hour's drive straight thattaway,” says Fernando, pointing along the highway. “Just follow the road and you'll get there no problem.”

And that's where the fair is?”

It is indeed.”

For a moment the stranger flips through Fernando's Adopt-a-Movie box. “Okay, thanks. Are these for sale?”

Yessir. Four dollars apiece, with the price lowering to two bucks after the first two.”

Alright.” And then the man turns and leaves the store.

Fernando didn't see the point in the man feigning interest in Fernando's product if all he needed were directions. What was Fernando going to do, mislead him in a fit of juvenile pique? There is sign on the highway not one mile from the Dominion that would reveal the falsity of any untruths Fernando might have said!

Silly humans.

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